Brand Перышко

Composition 100% cellulose

Number of layers 2

Number of sheets 100

Sheet size 20 х 20 cm

Color White

Peryshko NON-STOP - universal and high-quality napkins for every day.
Innovative napkins Peryshko NON-STOP combine beauty, practicality and comfort. Bright packaging design "Fruits" and "Sakura" will ideally fit into any interior. The practical box can be placed anywhere - due to its compact size, it doesn’t take up much space. One of the main advantages is its versatility: the two-layer Peryshko NON-STOP can be used both for cosmetic purposes and personal hygiene, and during meals. Due to their presentable appearance, soft and durable napkins made of 100% cellulose are ideal for a family table, delighting with convenience and colorful color palette.

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