First time in russia - toilet paper in paper bag

For the first time in Russia - toilet paper in a paper bag.
On December 8-11, the InterCHARM 2021 exhibition was held in Moscow, at which was presented an innovative product - toilet paper in a paper bag, which has no analogues in Russia. The novelty was presented by the largest manufacturer of goods for cleanliness and hygiene from cellulose - the «LILIA» company.

At the moment, manufacturers of toilet paper produce products in packaging made of polyethylene, which is extracted from solid monomers (olefins / plastic) - oil or natural gases, which has an extremely negative impact on the environment and harms human health. The solution to the problem of replacing plastic packaging is to manufacture it from harmless, environmentally friendly natural materials.

Refusal from the production of polyethylene in favor of the production of other packaging is a global trend. More and more manufacturers are paying attention to conscious consumption and "plastic Free".
The LILIA company presented a completely plastic Free toilet paper product under the beginning of a new eco-era. Paper packaging attracted the interest and approval of the exhibition visitors.
In addition, the LILYA company received an exclusive right, registered with ROSPATENT, to use paper bags for toilet paper.

Pero toilet paper range: 6, 9, 12 rolls, 100% cellulose fiber ight new items in collections.

First time in russia - toilet paper in paper bag

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